Final Expense Insurance and Other Ways to Save On Funeral Costs

There are many people who do not realize the high cost of passing away. Unfortunately, this leaves their family in a quandary when it comes to figuring out how to proceed. If you are interested in learning about final expense insurance and other ways to keep burial costs low, read on.

Price Guarantees

Whether you know this or not, it is possible for someone to plan their entire funeral while they are still here. This saves the family the trouble of trying to guess what someone would have wanted. One great benefit of planning ahead is the fact that some funeral homes are willing to offer price guarantees. This means that the price you lock in today will be the total cost of your funeral. Since costs for everything rise every time you turn around, this is a great deal that a smart person would take advantage of.

Final Expense Insurance

This is a policy you purchase from life insurance companies that cover the cost of your final expenses. This is usually a low-cost policy that does not have a very large face value in comparison to other options out there. For instance, you can get a policy for around $10,000, which is a little more than the cost of the actual funeral.

Also, if you have a pre-existing health condition, and you have had a difficult time qualifying for life insurance coverage, this may be the solution. Many companies that offer these policies do so without requiring extensive medical information and, they place a clause in your paperwork that reduces the payout amount of you pass away shortly after the coverage was purchased.


Many people may not be able to consider this option due to religious or personal reasons, but this is certainly something that others should keep in mind. This is a simple way for you to save a great deal of money on funeral costs. Since there will be no need to pay for a casket or purchase a burial lot, the total cost is much lower. The nice thing is that you will still be able to have a ceremony everyone can attend if you wish, but all of the largest expenses will not be required.

Pay as You Go

This is a little different since it does not require an agreement with anyone else. All you have to do is pay for your final expenses as money becomes available to you. For instance, if you receive a bonus at work, you can use this to purchase a burial plot. A large tax refund can be used to secure a mail-order casket. This is not the traditional way to pay for your last rites, but it will save money and make things easier for your loved ones when you are gone.

Things are getting more expensive each day, and funeral costs are no exception. By purchasing a final expense policy and considering the other options listed here, you can ease the financial burden that will be placed upon those who survive you.

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